Heijue Tongchuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.'s professional peripheral brand. AJAZZ was founded by Mr. Lin Feng on August 28, 2009. With the mission of "creating the ultimate peripherals and sharing a better life", by building a "systematic company value chain", Heijue is committed to creating high-performance and high-performance for domestic and foreign gamers. High-quality peripherals (including: keyboard, mouse, headset, other peripherals, etc.) equipment.

Brand story
AJAZZ Heijue was founded by Mr. Lin Feng on August 28, 2009. The brand uses the unclosed letters "A" and "J" to form the logo as a whole. It traces its origin and is taken from the first two letters of the brand's English name. The pursuit of the ultimate attitude in product design, user service, etc., and the open and non-closed design method also reflect that Heijue has always been humble and awe-inspiring on the road to creating a national brand, and is in awe of all the possibilities of innovation!
The brand has been established for more than 10 years. It has been committed to the mission of "creating the ultimate peripherals and sharing a better life", adhering to the product attitude of "I am personality", and is committed to creating high-performance and high-quality enthusiastic peripherals for domestic and foreign gamers. For more than 10 years, the product research and development team of Heijue has made continuous breakthroughs and innovations. Today, the market of AJAZZ Heijue brand has spread all over the world in dozens of countries such as North America, Europe, South America, Asia, and Europe, and has gradually become the field of peripherals. A household name brand.

AJAZZ launched the new AJ125 whale shark gaming mouse, which is a unique and outstanding game.

AJAZZ peripherals and Douyu have formed a deep strategic partnership to jointly develop and promote the research and development and sales of Douyu digital products.

Strategic cooperation with PixArt original phase technology, launched the "Black Jue Hard Core" series of chips.

Once again teamed up with "Devil" to officially launch a customized keyboard product.

AJAZZ Peripherals strategically cooperated with Renren Film and Television, and launched a customized keyboard.

In cooperation with the technology net red duck-lying duck, we launched a customized keyboard for cute pets in the healing department.

On August 3, AJAZZ's first screen show - AK27 appeared in the naval drama "Deep Sea Sword".

Cooperate with Alibaba Pictures to create customized peripheral products for the Hollywood sci-fi masterpiece "Star Trek 3: Beyond the Stars".

AJAZZ won the annual Zhongguancun Online Recommended Product Award.

AJAZZ Peripherals held the "On the Road" 2014 new product launch conference in Yinxiu Shanju, Shenzhen, China.

AJAZZ won the annual Zhongguancun Online Best E-Commerce Award.

AJAZZ launched the brand's first mechanical keyboard "Heijue Mecha Warrior".

AJAZZ was named "A7" multi-function keyboard after 360 days from the product creation to the birth of the first product.

On August 28, the founder, Mr. Lin Feng, established the AJAZZ peripheral brand with 12 years of industry experience and enthusiasm for the research and development of peripheral products.