In 2014, the free wolf brand was born in a studio of GuangZhou JunXingCheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on the creation of mid-to-high-end e-sports peripheral products, with a professional technical team, focusing on world-class e-sports peripherals. product development.

Since the development of Free Wolf, there are dozens of products under its banner, which are sold in more than 60 countries at home and abroad. It is a top brand in the field of professional game peripherals. Every product of Free Wolf is based on user needs, thinking from the user's point of view, and carries out product development and design. Its design purpose is to solve user needs while giving users higher value.

The team guides the design of products based on human cognitive laws, and different colors have different effects on people's psychology and physiology. In addition to the role of metaphor and prompt, it also includes a variety of functions to increase the sense of trust, space and personal emotional expression. The products use a large number of bright and visually impactful lights such as red, yellow, blue, green, and purple, which give people a sense of the future and technology beyond reality, and bring a sense of layering and ductility to the space. The shape of the mouse and headset is ergonomic, and the user experience is better. Different from the conventional mouse, the various mouses of Free Wolf adopt a straight line design in many places, which makes the look and feel more passionate and explosive, making people excited. Each R&D product of Free Wolf has to undergo various rigorous tests before it is released to the market to ensure the user's use experience, and has won high praise from countless users with a strong sense of responsibility.

Freedom, in its most basic meaning, is unrestricted and impeded. Wolves have a keen sense of smell, are good at catching plans, are aggressive and aggressive, and don't say failure easily. The establishment of the Free Wolf brand is to allow users of all products to break the restrictions and obstacles on peripherals, so that every player can run freely in the game world and be a free wolf.