What are three-mode connection keyboard   & How does it improve your quality of life ?

What are three-mode connection keyboard & How does it improve your quality of life ?

Before answering the above questions, first understand what your daily keyboard needs are? Do you often go out and need a portable keyboard?Or is it the pursuit of compactness and space saving? Or is it more pursuing that the keyboard can quickly switch between multiple devices? So back to the point I want to say, if you are a game player or writer, and mechanical keyboard is the first choice, why is mechanical keyboard your first choice? Its biggest feature is the unique feel and the "crisp" sound when typing on the keyboard.

Bluetooth 5.0 Type-C USB wired, your best choice

As people's demand for office becomes higher and higher, the wireless blessing not only frees users from the shackles of wires, but also eliminates the trouble of arranging cables. Therefore, people's attention to wireless keyboards has always been high. And the next thing we want to understand is this Mamba Snake US RF84, which is a rare three-mode mechanical keyboard on the market. It not only has a Bluetooth 2.4GHz wireless wired three-mode connection, but also has a "crisp" sound switch configuration of the keyboard. Enjoy the whole process of office and games. Another major feature of RF84 has three different types of switches: blue switch, brown switch and red switch. The blue switch has a crisp sound and slow triggering, which is suitable for codeworders.The brown switch is what we commonly call the "universal switch". It has a sense of passage when it touches the bottom and does not play.  The red switch has a light feel and can meet the needs of gaming and typing at the same time. You can choose a keyboard that makes you comfortable according to the frequency of use in your scene. The keycaps of Mamba Snake US RF84 can also be replaced by DIY, and you can personalize your keyboard at a price of 3/1. You can also enjoy the happiness of enthusiasts!


 Bluetooth? Type-C? There are more features waiting for you!

Bluetooth 5.0 is fast, stable and power-saving. The latest Bluetooth technology provides a more stable connection, saves power and reduces latency, and is compatible with 4.0 and 3.0 versions at the same time. It can be connected to up to 3 devices, and switch between devices quickly and easily within 1 second. Symbol hints on the keycap, the operation is simple. The compact Mamba Snake US RF84 84-key layout keyboard all adopts Bluetooth 5.0 to ensure your daily use is stable and smooth. Regarding the Type-C connector, if you are looking for a low-latency game, you can connect to the Type-C port through a cable. Type-C is a brand new form of USB interface, which is easier to plug and unplug than the micro port and not easy to damage. The more powerful function is that the power transmission speed is faster and better, and the charging is safer. It supports laptops, Macbooks, and iPad smart phones. As long as Bluetooth-enabled devices can be connected to the Mamba Snake US RF84 keyboard, 2.4G provides a more stable connection than Bluetooth, especially if you plan to connect to a fixed PC port. The RF84 keyboard has 18 kinds of backlight effects, and the battery capacity is 3000mAh. The length of the keyboard's use time is determined by whether the backlight is turned on or not. After turning on the backlight, it can be used continuously for more than 48 hours.


Q&A: Can anyone tell me how to add more devices?

  1. Wired mode: plug and play, press FN+T, the blue light above the space lights up, indicating that it can be used after successfully switching to the wired mode.

2.2.4G wireless mode: Insert the USB receiver at the bottom of the keyboard into the computer, press FN+R, the red light is always on, which means it has successfully switched to 2.4G wireless mode and is ready for use.

3.Bluetooth mode: long press FN+Q/W/E, the indicator light will change to green/yellow/cyan fast flashing. (If necessary, switch the device according to the corresponding FN+Q/W/E)