Have you seen the "co-brand" cooperation between mechanical keyboard and Honeycomb mouse?

Have you seen the "co-brand" cooperation between mechanical keyboard and Honeycomb mouse?

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        Of course you haven’t seen it before, because the surprise is more than that. Think about it, every time after long standby work and playing games, the wrist will feel particularly fatigued. In this set of keyboards, there are two ergonomics  bracket in the back design , in addition to the ultra-light version of the mouse and comfortable mouse pad; The three-in-one suit not only saves time for selection and price is also 10% lower than the single product assembly. You must have rarely seen such a novel combination.

 The "click"Keep ringing in the office , the fast-moving figure in the gaming arena is second only to the keyboard in importance, Later touchpads and game consoles were its source of inspiration.

Honeycomb mouse-- A future trend

             Chinese-made gaming mice (and keyboards) have undergone subversive changes. There is a new type of mouse on the market: the honeycomb mouse-super light. It is the more distinctive Dongdong mouse Mamba M1 in our combo. The mouse use honeycomb design and other measures to reduce the weight as much as possible, making the mouse more flexible and easier to aim. Bees always make a honeycomb with hexagonal honeycomb to store honey, and this design is suitable for the mouse to help ventilate the inside and outside; these holes are hardly felt during use, but its ventilation can keep the palm of your hand Cool; In addition, the weight design is also thinking about how gamers can react more quickly when playing games? Too heavy a mouse will not only make the player tired in the game, but the game experience will also be greatly reduced. After we reduce the weight of the mouse, the honeycomb mouse has become the representative choice of comfort.



              This Mamba M1 wired lightweight honeycomb gaming mouse has 5 programmable buttons and a one-touch button that can change the LED lighting. With six levels of DPI from 800 to 6400, high-precision positioning, stable transmission, and instant match the mouse speed of different scenes. There are six RGB lighting modes for LED lighting. This makes me like the honeycomb appearance. I can appreciate the light projected on the brand pattern from the outside, and how the light is emitted from the side. The visual effect is quite cool. The mouse uses a wired connection. And it is equipped with nylon braid, which is easy to stretch and bend freely, so that people can't feel its existence. The advantage of the mouse M1 is also obvious. The load on our wrists and arms has been reduced a lot, and we can achieve the same movement effect with less force. Now more and more users realize the importance of protecting their wrists. In order to relieve pressure on their wrists, they have begun to use lightweight mouse. His craze is not now, but earlier, similar customized products have been launched. From this it appears that the Mamba M1 lightweight mouse gaming mouse is an excellent value-for-money mouse.

          It is matched with a compact keyboard Mamba MK21, which has built-in RGB lighting, which can provide 14 different chromaticity RGB backlight effects and 8 light colors. You can adjust the brightness, change the speed or turn off the backlight according to your needs. You can also customize your own backlight according to your preferences, optimize the visual experience, and enhance the competitive atmosphere during the game. If you are a gamer, you probably already know that an RGB keyboard can help you quickly find the most important WASD keys, so as to make the most of every North-South-East-West keystroke. For non-gamers, the keyboard keys can be backlit, which can help improve visibility even in low-light conditions. If you work without turning on the lights at night, you will prefer a keyboard with backlit keys. This Mamba MK21 RGB gaming keyboard uses the classic Blue switch with clicks and tactile feedback. The number of clicks can reach 50 million. It is designed for responsiveness and durability. It can meet your needs for clear sound and clicks. Your daily use and games. Support full-key anti-ghosting function, allowing high-speed typing The keystrokes work without conflict and are more accurate.



            Like other 60% of keyboards, there are only letters, number lines, and modifiers. Durability keycaps are specially designed to never degrade to shiny finishes, It will not wear out the label due to overuse. Take up minimal desktop space while still allowing access to deleted functions through the function layer. In order to make it easier to refer to when executing commands and hotkeys, Added auxiliary function keys printed on the side of the keycap. Once you get used to the functional layer, it becomes compact and efficient. The deleted keyboard function can quickly access the homepage, music, mailbox and other functions through the FN+ related keys. The visual symbols engraved on the side of the keys can help you understand the FN key combination function. The floating high and low ergonomic key design makes it easy to use for a long time.Adjustable foot rest can provide another angle of use according to needs.This keyboard combo is waterproof, dustproof, conflict-free, FN short key function, type-c interface, plug and play, detachable keycap, easy to use and clean, compatible with pc, mac, notebook, computer, etc. Support windows system or Android, Linux, IOS and other system devices

If you are a gamer or office worker and want to buy an affordable keyboard set, this Mamba MK21+M1 mouse+mouse pad combination is definitely a better choice for you.