Founded in 2009, Yishunxin Technology is a specialized keyboard and mouse factory integrating research, development, production and sales. The company's high-quality and high-efficiency process production lines are produced and tested in accordance with international quality management standards. Under the leadership of a group of experienced technical backbones and excellent management personnel, the KUIYN brand has been created. Committed to "technological innovation, product innovation, production innovation," unswervingly take the road of professional development, and constantly innovate.

As an innovative enterprise, Yishunxin Technology adheres to the development concept of "fashion, youth, trend", has keen market insight and strong independent research and development capabilities, and takes the needs of the majority of users as the starting point to provide customers with high-quality products. Our products are the reason for Yishunxin to survive, and to provide customers with high-quality services is the source of Yishunxin's development. This is the direction of the work of all Yishunxin staff and the yardstick for value evaluation.

"Technology creates the future" is the corporate tenet of Yishunxin, and creates a good office environment with integrity, win-win, and pioneering business philosophy, and survives with a new management model, perfect technology, thoughtful service, and excellent quality. Fundamentally, we always adhere to the customer first and serve customers with our hearts, and insist on impressing customers with our own services.